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17th Annual Great American Song Contest

Outstanding songs were discovered all categories of the 17th Annual Great American Song Contest. GASC Judges reviewed songs by nearly 1800 songwriters around the world. The impressive quality of songwriting made the task of choosing winners enjoyable, but also challenging.

Below is the official list of GASC 2015 Finalists. All scored near the top of their respective categories. The number of category Finalists is proportionate to the number of entries received for each of the 11 categories.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award banner on your website.
(If you have a website to list with your song, please e-mail us the web address.)


"Signature Smile" Bel Andres (Quezon City Philippines) website
"Do You Miss the Heat" Debra Gussin (Los Angeles CA) website
"Tired of Us" Matthew Genovese (Los Angeles CA) website
"Hustler" Kendra Erika Fulmer (Boca Raton FL) website
"What You Want" Danielle Starzhevskaya (Canton MA) website
"Medication" Sophi Mirza (Missouri City TX) website
"My Way" Emily Koziarz (New Rochelle NY) website
"Heart Beat" Michael Tulimiero (S. Hamilton MA) website
"Broken Arrow" Michael McGee (Philipsburg PA) website
"Born Lucky" Midori and Ezra Boy (Ron Longo, Midori Longo & Dave Briggs) (Cloverdale CA) website
"Love Is Fire" Northern National (John Michael Kanne, Alex Finley, Michael Rossi, Michael Allen Wilson) (Dallas TX) website
"Black Widow" Jasmine Crowe (West Point CA) website
"Magic" Andrew Como & Matthew Como (Mount Sinai NY) website
"Medication (Take Me)" Garrett Cadwallader (Brooklyn NY) website
"Wrong" Conway Seavey (Sterling AK) website
"Run With Me" Heather LaRose (Montrose NY) website
"Flowers" Caitlin Powell (Minneapolis MN) website
"Don't Change" Sharmila Tredger (Smithtown NY) website
"Dear Santa" Ariel Rose Snihur & Russell Pollack" (Aventura FL) website
"Lighthouse" Brian O'Mahoney (Shady Side MD) website
"Take Me Away" Lio Nicol (Burbank CA) website
"Furious For Your Love" Taylor Sanders & Ben Vredevelt (Taylor X) (Nashville TN) website
"I Want It All" Nicholas Freeman & Barry Freeman (Clearwater FL) website

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"The Sum of Hearts" Tedd Swormstedt (West Chester OH) website
"Stones" Martin Robley (Ballajura AUSTRALIA) website
"The Old Songs" Joseph Church (New York NY) website
"Off Limits" Meghann Clancy (Grassington Yorkshire UK) website
"Praise the Lord & Pass the Hat" R. L. Wolf (Plugerville TX) website
"I'm Being Strong For Mother, Dad" Frank Tedesco (Gloucester MA) website
"Feel This Way" Sarah Motes Ashley (Maryville TN) website
"Mirror" Lawrence Hamlet (Rockville MD) website
"You Go" William Perry & Tim Behrens (Bethesda MD) website
"Two Time Man" Al Urezzio (Roswell GA) website
"Too Late" Galina Bershteyn (Toronto CANADA) website
"Beautiful Hurricane" Shirley Goines (Houston TX) website
"Firestorm" Walter Pappas (Silver Spring MD) website
"Break My Fall" Skyler Clark-Hamel, Jeff Ballard, Jimmy Norman (Boston MA) website
"Magdalena" Jack Evans & James Gerard (Reverend Zen) (Katonah NY) website
"Can I Get With You" Stonewall "Stoneman" Towery (Clayton CA) website
"Your Soul Belongs To Gin" Celeste Tauchar (Los Angeles CA) website
"Black and White" Chloe Charles & Steven Fernandez (Ontario CANADA) website

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"Wake You With A Song" Jonas Friddle (Chicago IL) website
"Never Alone" Michael Tierman (Vista CA) website
"Love Her More Than I Do" Darcy Jeavons (Huntington Beach CA) website
"Cap'n Jack & the Cat Who Would Be Human" Stuart Kabak (Swan Lake NY) website
"Never Blessed" John McClure (Stanwood WA) website
"Sincerely, Me" Alexandra Brinkley (Fort Worth TX) website
"Tell You I'm Fine" Andrew Como & Matthew Como (Mt. Sinai NY) website
"Stutter" Katie Stump, Jason Afable & Richard George Harris (Fullerton CA) website
"One Last Stupid Love Song" Garth (Reed) Baker (Stoney Creek ON Canada) website
"Out Of Love" Ava Suppelsa (Evanston IL) website
"No Fear" Daniel Derrico (Fairfax VA) website
"Sincerely, Me" Alex Marie Brinkley (Fort Worth TX) website
"Leave It Like We Found It" Doug Patrick (Chesterfield VA) website
"Favorite Folly" Maria Brosgol (Delmar NY) website
"The Moment I Make Up Your Mind" Rob Taylor (Stratford CT) website
"Light Of Mine" Scott Mlodzinski (Los Angeles CA) website
"Wishes or Weeds" Caitlin Powell (Evergreen CO) website
"Picture” & “This Morning” Jean Synodinos (Austin TX) website
"Darling" Grace Elizabeth Lee (Rochester MI) website
"Rainbow” & “The Hunter” Joe McGowan (Charleston SC) website
"Mystery Man" Marchan Noelle Hutto (North Hollywood CA) website
"Fickle Heart" Ira Wolf (Nashville TN) website
"Raindance" Paris Williams (Seattle WA) website
"Happiness Would Still Linger" David Clark (Wheaton IL) website
"Inspired" Josh Phillips (Nashville TN) website
"That String" Kat Quinn (Astoria NY) website

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"Greasy Spoons & Country Tunes" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Vinyl" Nancy Moser & Michael Lusk (Louisville KY) website
"I'm Gettin' Old" Anthony Russo (Chesapeake VA) website
"Deer Head On the Wall" Natalie Korczak (Karlstad MN) website
"Shoulda Been Drinking Last Night" Michael Lunbery (San Antonio TX) website
"Lime Disease" Andy Dalgo (Ocean Springs MS) website
"Stay Our and Play" Mike Bloomer (Plano TX) website
"Is That You" Debra Gussin & Rik Howard (Los Angeles CA) website
"Don't Let Heartache Turn To Heartbreak" Brian Kelleher (Harriman NY) website
"Breakthrough" Allen Ling (Generation Seven) (El Cerrito CA) website
"This One's For Keeps" Liz Tansey (Toronto CANADA) website
"Where She Belongs" Gordon Stransky & Isaac Slutzky (New York NY) website
"If the Devil Had A Daughter" John Dindinger (Muscatine IA) website
"Ain't Waiting For Summer" John Welch (Meansville GA) website
"Steel Guitar" Emily Cole (Carbondale IL) website
"The Man Allowed" Mike Bloomer (Plano TX) website
"Let It Rain in Tennessee" Chad Meadows (Delafield WI) website
"Rub A Little Dirt On It" Jeremy Burchard (Austin TX) website
"100 Songs Ago" Lara Wisdom (Nashville TN) website
"Bad News Always Comes In the Mail" Gordon Brooks (Wolfeboro Falls NH) website
"I Promise" Mandy Boreskie (Scarborough ON Canada) website
"Seven" Matthew Pierce (Del Valle TX) website
"We'll Take It Back Again" Thomas Kyle Tucker (Hawthorne NY) website
"50 Years" Donald Miller (Windsor VT) website
"Roadtrippin' & "You'll Know Where I Stand" Gordon Stransky (New York NY) website
"Do It Anyway" Jason Braddley (Lehi UT) website
"Gentle Man" Kevin O'Boyle (Leixlip Village IRELAND) website
"Home" Michael Aldridge (Arvada CO) website
"That's My Son" Ryan Lucas (Saratoga CA) website
"Dirt Road Waiting" Triana Presley (Berkeley CA) website
"My Baby Can Cook" John Dindinger (Muscatine IA) website
"Southern Grace" Katherine Ross (Nashville TN) website
"Forever Is A Long Time" T. Edwin Doss" (Silver Spring MD) website
"Wild" Polly Baker Lohrmann, Richard Wynne & Dave Darling (Los Angeles CA) website
"Run Around" Zachary Laughlin & Allison Laughlin (Athens GA) website
"Broken Hearted Lullabye" Leslie Craig (St. Louis MO) website
"Flame of No Regret" Lauren Spring (Port Saint Joe FL) website

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"Hands Up" Dave Travis (Durham NC) website
"Stained Glass Heart" Jessica Angelique (Omaha NE) website
"Pray When You Don't Have A Prayer" Dean Lindsay (Plano TX) website
"Quit Playin' Church" Todd Curry (Snow Camp NC) website
"Better Get Right Before You Get Left" Amy Barcroft (Brownsville TN) website
"When I See You Again" Eric Kneifel (Sherwood OR) website
"The Baker" Johnny Brown (Castle Rock CO) website
"Walkin' To the Beat of the Lord" Bob Birthisel (Charlotte NC) website
"I'll Always Know" Gib Shackelford (Meadowlakes TX) website
"Sam Or Saul" Joseph Pfeifer (Oxnard CA) website
"The King Has Come" Frank Tedesco (Gloucester MA) website
"Priceless" Jessica Angelique (Omaha NE) website
"The River" Keith Patterson (Dickson TN) website
"Cleanse Me" Eric Kneifel (Sherwood OR) website
"Feelings Fade (Walk On Faith)" Mark Herring (Austin TX) website
"Love the Way You Do" Nicole Curtis (Christiana TN) website
"Deeper" Paul Kelly (Santa Fe NM) website
"I'm Still Standing" Ronnie Hardman (Marshall TX) website
"Whose Star Do You Follow" Walter Pappas (Silver Spring MD) website
"Layers" Denise Pass (Unionville VA) website
"Chill Out" Grady Burlsworh (Little Rock AR) website
"Cross Over the Bridge" Marsha King (Hampstead NC) website
"Jesus Wins!" Johnny Brown (Castle Rock CO) website
"I Wanna Thank You" Miguel Alviar (Langley BC CANADA) website
"Redneck Hallelujah" Greg Piken & David Micheal (Redondo Beach CA) website
"Gloria Patri" Ian Dencker (Rodd Point NSW Australia) website

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"Ten Thousand Dollars-Worth of Poetry" Will Boone (Pittsboro NC) website
"Everybody's Blood Is Red" Len Graham (Port Richey FL) website
"The Joie De Vie" Bill Gammill (Baton Rouge LA) website
"Love Her More Than I Do" Darcy Jeavons (Huntington Beach CA) website
"Not Just You and Me" Mia Rose Ernst (Nashville TN) website
"Apartheid" Nicolette Aubourg (El Segundo CA) website
"Undeniable" Emily Cole (Carbondale IL) website
"Blue" John McClure (Stanwood WA) website
"God Is Too Big For Any One Religion" Len Seligman (Sarasota FL) website
"Single-Digit Highway" Richard Newman (St. Louis MO) website
"Northern Climes" Bill Dake (Bellevue WA) website
"That Joyful Noise" Russell Wheelock (Asheville NC) website 
"Goodbye My Friend" Billy Walsh (Clinton MA) website
"Saints & Sinners" John Duggleby & Lance Brown (McFarland WI) website website
"That Joyful Noise" Russell Wheelock (Asheville NC) website
"The Road" John John Brown (Winter Garden FL) website
"A More Perfect Union" Patrick Nagel (Ukiah CA) website
"Jug Band Jig" Alvin Harper (Lancaster OH) website
"I Brought the War With Me" Daniel Boling (Albuquerque NM) website
"Lover's Song" Laurence Baer (Columbia MD) website
"Hand of Desolation" Michael Henchman (Portland OR) website
"Not Just A Picture" Paul Halvey (North Riverside IL) website
"Live While You're Living" Steve Vousden (Asheville NC) website
"Long Gone Is the Farm" Tim Terkelsen (Yuma AZ) website

"Treehouses" Dan Heidt (Columbus OH) website
"Levon Helm" Rick Hart (Melbourne AUSTRALIA) website
"The Chain" Mike Herz (Newton NJ) website

"Lindenlure" Ingrid Lennea Gerdes (Boston MA) website

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"The Spiral Staircasee Of the Soul" Nga Yung Chan (Hong Kong) website
"Far From It" Peter Nostrand (Mason Neck VA) website

"Altered Reality" Lou DeAdder (Whitby ON CANADA) website
"Memories of the War" Naoyuki Hirayama (Tokyo JAPAN) website
"Galicia" John Vaillancourt (Townsend MA) website
"Go For the Gold and Glory" Christian Andersson (Lund SWEDEN) website
"The Language of Flowers" Katie Hardyman (Taree NSW Australia) website
"Cup of Joe" Dave Crum (Ridgefield Park NJ) website
"Sunflower Waltz" Michael Bain (Arlington TX) website
"Lost Fields" Mutsumi Miyashita (Kanagawa JAPAN) website
"I Have No Regrets" Andrew Zunno (Katonah NY) website
"Palette Full of Jazz" Lanny Sherwin (Santa Barbara CA) website
"I Really Care" Fred Lederman (Mount Kisco NY) website
"Victory" Michael Bain (Arlington TX) website
"Shape Shifters" Peter Nostrand (Mason Neck VA) website
"333" Joseph Peragine (Brick NJ) website
"Try To Catch Me" Andrew Zunno (Katonah NY) website
"Timeless" Kelly Andrew Kaveny (Washington DC) website
"Songs To Paint By" Lanny Sherwin (Santa Barbara CA) website
"Bellamy 5" Roy Williams (Woodbridge ON Canada) website

"Afterglow" Al Marcy (Downers Grove IL) website
"Wingtip" D'Arcy Wickham (Dubai UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) website
"Falling Stars" Jeff Moxcey (Waterville ME) website

"Buff My Wagon" Matthew Michaelis (Yuba City CA) website

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"Singularity" Siena Castañares (Los Angeles CA) website
"Disarmed" Rachel Brown (Scottsdale AZ) website
"George Orwell Was Right" Hunter G (Ron Mancini) (Cranston RI) website
"Daylight" Gordon Burke & Josh Orange (Sydney AUSTRALIA) website
"Wild" Chloe Tingey (Valencia SPAIN) website
"God Bless the 1%" R .L. Wolf (Plugerville TX) website
"Our City Our Scene" Jason Zucker (Hoboken NJ) website
"Power Up" Roxie Sakura & Lucas Francis (theKI) (Tarzana CA) website
"Infectious" Chelsea O'Donnell (Wolf) (Buffalo NY) website

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"Particular Man" Abel James (Austin TX) website
"Workin' On Myself" Mike Golden & Friends (Chicago IL) website
"Dear You" Matthew Rogers (Halifax MA) website
"Money" Billy Mauldin (Sumrall MS) website
"Give Up the Loot" Jacqueline M (Banjul AFRICA) website
Im Not Finna Play" Rob Flame (Austin TX) website
"Lost In Time" Jackie Venson (Austin TX) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award banner on your website.


Ten Thousand Dollars-Worth of Poetry" Will Boone (Pittsboro NC) website
"The Sausage Factory" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Christmas State of Mind" Richard Howland & Beth Walker (Flemington NJ) website
"Wi-Fi For Christmas" April Styron (Auburn CA) website
"You Eat What You Eat Ate" Jeff Christensen ( Thornton CO) website
"What A Beautiful Day" Alan Flory (Apple Valley CA) website  
"Chasing After You" Georgia English (Nashville TN) website
"Star In the Sky" Andy Blyth (London ENGLAND) website
"John Dear" Buddy Guido (Mohawk NY) website
"A Cowboy Christmas Holiday" Michael Gantt (Martinsburg WV) website
"Another December Night" Ernest Tong (Portland OR) website
"It's Beginning To Snow" Thisbe Vos (Marina del Rey CA) website
"One More Manhattan" Maggi Laird (Vashon WA) website
"Sailing" Lydia Fortune" (Worcester MA) website

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"Lost On A Backroad" Lisa Marks (Springfield MO) Website
"Unfolding the Rosebud" Deborah M. Stamm (Albany NY) website
"A Garden in Heaven" Stephen D. Curry (Miamisbury OH) website

"Snaps & Studs" Allyn Amato (Alexandria  VA) website
"Southern Grudges (Never End)" Andrew Moore (Lansing MI) website
My Baby’s Going to Jail" Joelle Parent-Proulx (Montreal CANADA)
"I Never Knew" Paul Petruccelli (Portland OR) website
"Home Fires" April Styron (Auburn CA) website
"Which Way To Go" Anthony Romano (Leeds AL) website
"Can You Do More" Barbara Bechler (Oceanside CA) website
"Michael" & "Yes We Can" Bunty Bisharah (Boston MA) website
"Bridge of Love" Michael Morris (Kaltenkirchen GERMANY) website
"A Soldier's Poem" Kevin Gouge (Yelm WA) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this
Great American Song Award banner
on your website.

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Congratulations to all these great songwriters!

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