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16th Annual Great American Song Contest

Outstanding songs were discovered all categories of the 16th Annual Great American Song Contest. GASC Judges reviewed songs by nearly 1700 songwriters around the world. The high quality of songwriting made the task of choosing winners enjoyable, but also challenging.

Below is the official list of GASC 2014 Finalists. All scored near the top of their respective categories. The number of category Finalists is proportionate to the number of entries received for each of the 11 categories.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award banner on your website.
(If you have a website to list with your song, please e-mail us the web address.)


"Pick Your Head Up" Cody Qualls & Joey Barba (Superior CO) website
"Ride Of Your Life" Meredith Doyle, Shanna Baccari, Cody Niver & Justin Passamonte (Rochester NY) website
"Sugar Rush" Debra Gussin, Ryan Martinez & Mike Westbrock (Los Angeles CA) website
"Runaway" Stephanie Krawiec & Michael Jerome Powell (Detroit MI) website
"Use It" Denyse Tontz, Suren Wijeyaratne & Mike Miller (Los Angeles CA) website

"Exception To the Rule" Debra Gussin, Ryan Martinez & Mike Westbrock (Los Angeles CA) website
"Run" Nick Deutsch & Joey Auch (New York) website
"Black and Blue" Phoenix Rose (Katy TX) website
"Learn To Breathe" Nitanee Paris Lawson (Malibu CA) website
"Distorted" Larry Hamlet (Rockville MD) website
"Make It A Good Day!" Gregory Madison Brettell (Reno NV) website
"Butterflies" Matt Neves (New Bedford MA) website
"Phoenix Rising" Jasmine Crowe (Hilo Hawaii ) website
"Worldwide Jam" Jonathan Bluth (Westlake Village CA) website
"Fall To Earth" Jordan Higgins (Los Angeles CA) website
"Boys B Wanting Me" Ott Lukk (Minneapolis MN) website
"Toast To Life" Shirley Goines (Houston TX) website
"Paralyze" Maggie Szabo (Los Angeles CA) website
"All of My Life" Colleen Sweeney (Templeton CA) website
"Love Crime" Tracey Graham & Maureen Russell (Nashville TN) website
"Play" Mike Bloomer (Plano TX) website
"Broken" Anna Richey (Draper UT) website
"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" Kailyn Werner (Parker CO) website
"I'm So Glad You Broke Up With Me" Brad Guldemond (Toronto ON CANADA) website

"Lighthouse" Brian O'Mahoney (Shady Side MD) website
"Weather Girl" Jeremy Robeson (Washougal WA) website
"You're My D.U.I." Mark W. Power (Bainbridge Island WA) website
"Slowly Creeping Back" Ben Crawford (Hinton NSW Australia) website

"Can't Buy Our Love" Carli Osika (Coeur d'Alene ID) website

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"Do U MIss the Heat" Debra Gussin & Stacy Hogan (Los Angeles CA) website
"Wasted Tears" Victoria Célestine (Blanco TX) website
"White Courtesy Phone" Jeff Sima (Mundelein IL) website
"Sometimes I Don't Miss U" Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent (Los Angeles CA) website website
"Artifacts" Lauren Brombert (Denver CO) website
"Turtleneck" William Dake (Bellevue WA) website
"24 Hours" Elise LeBlanc (Portland OR) website
"The Right Way" David Fraser (Valencia CA) website
"Mambo" Kami Lyle (Orleans MA) website
"Gone Gone Gone" Megan Mcconnel (Seattle WA) website
"More Than This" Steven Wagenheim (Roselle NJ) website
"No Time To Lose" RanDair Porter (Redmond WA) website

"I Will Wait Up" Josh Boorum (Mastic Beach NY) website
"How About Me, Girl" Michael Henchion (Cork IRELAND) website
"Astral Planes" Alexander Molodkov (Toronto ON CANADA) website
"Do You Remember Me" Tony Townsend (West Midlands UK) website

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"When I Die" David McAdams (Lummi Island WA) website
"Drinking In the Afternoon" Carol Teal (Newmarket ON Canada) website
"Over Again" Claire Nordstrom (Pacific Palisades CA) website
"Someone Else" Julie Lavery (Glendale CA) website
"Love Story" Henry Hudson (Malibu CA) website
"Left My Heart" Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent (Los Angeles CA) website website
"Little Mockingbird" Natalie Major (Canoga Park CA) website
"Say That You Love Me" Gracie Lott (De SotoTX) website

"The Last Call Blues" Nelson Wright (Seattle WA) website
"Inside Your Head" Michael Tiernan (Vista CA) website
"Gasoline" Phoenix Rose (Katy TX) website
"Games" Lena Fayre (Los Angeles CA) website
"Not This Time Again" Sarah Ashley (Maryville TN) website

"Hello Sun" Seth David Branitz (New Paltz NY) website
"Writing On the Wall" James Lee Baker (San Francisco CA) website
"The Little Things" Dean Batstone (Rhinebeck NY) website
"Dropped Call" Jess Chizuk (Lake View NY) website
"Happy Me" Debra Gussin & Kyle Vincent (Los Angeles CA) website website

"Here My Train Is Coming" Stefan Elmblad (Stockholm Sweden)
"Autumn Leaves" Caitlin Powell (Evergreen CO) website
"Look Up" Greg Adkins (Knoxville TN) website
"Ladies Skating" Kami Lyle (Orleans MA) website
"I Faked It" Mo Kenney (Halifax NS CANADA ) website
"Hero" Kenny Robinson (Fort Pierce FL) website
"Sorrow" Brook McWhorter (Redondo Beach CA) website
"Teardrops In the Rain" Katrin Johansson (Helsinki FINLAND) website

"To Yourself Please Always Be True" Alan Kavanagh (Ashbourne IRELAND) website

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"This Side of Goodbye" Lynn Case & Russ Case (Choiceland SK Canada) website
"My Shine" T. Edwin Doss (Silver Spring MD) website

"Wish You Were Here" Tim Seay (Martinez CA) website
"Songs Of Yesterday" Sheri Lynn Burkhardt (Valley Springs) website
"To Be A Highwayman" Brent Lillie & Paul Mostyn (Queensland Australia) website
"California Blue" Geof Rotunno (Solvang CA) website
"You'll Know Where I Stand" Gordon Stransky (New York NY) website
"USA Today" Jason Afable (Nashville TN) website website
"You Don't Deserve One Tear" Tedd Swormstedt (West Chester OH) website
"West of Boston" Anna Marie Mitchell (Webster MN) website
"Tongue Tied" Karel Daniels (Hialeah FL) website
"As Long As I'm With You" Dan Fisk (Gainesville VA) website
"That's What Country Is" Nick Berry (Santa Rosa CA) website
"Not Making History" Reid Jamieson & Carolyn Victoria Mill" (Vancouver BC Canada) website
"Guitar Players Get the Girls" D. Gussin & M. Dodson (Los Angeles CA) website
"Hold You" Sean Verchick (West Hollywood CA) website
"The Key of You & Me" D.C. Bloom (Austin TX) website
"The Avenue" Miles Calder & The Rumours (Wellington NEW ZEALAND) website
"Who, What, When, Where & How" Jenny Hasenjaeger (Bennett NE) website
"Radio Flyer" T. Edwin Doss (Silver Spring MD) website
"Roadtrippin' Gordon Stransky (New York NY) website
"C-O-U-N-‘T-R-Y " Ed Cawthon (Murray KY) website
"Angels In the Snow" Jeff Moxcey (Waterville ME) website
"My Space" Byron Casey (Orlando FL) website
"One Summer" & Pick Me Up" Nancy Moser (Louisville KY) website
"Reflections" Karel Daniels (Hialeah FL) website
"The Storm" Selda Sahin (New York NY) website
"I Never Did, But I Do" Sondra Toscano (Carle Place NY) website
"Hammer" Spencer Kelly (Victoria Park WA Australia) website
"Just Right For Two" Stafond Seago (Oceansprings MS) website
"Boots On the Ground" Steve Bryant (Granite Bay CA) website

"Can You See Me Now" Sarah Yates (Cambridge MN) website
"Good Friends" David George (Charlotte NC) website
"Joy in the Journey" Matt Stemme (Castaic CA) website
"You'll Always Be Mine" Trevor Henderson (Provo UT) website
"Not That Kind of Dog" Leejay Rudenjak (New Haven CT) website
"We Own This Town" & "Little White Lies" Sara Davis (Phoenix AZ) website

"Joe Miller" Dropkick Me Jesus (Carpentersville IL ) website
"Doin' the Chores" Larry Danby (Petrolia ON Canada) website

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"What You Make of Me" Mike Hyden (Plano TX) website
"Open Doors" Abbie Sandico (Manila PHILIPPINES) website
"I Am Soul" Kim Yarson (East Windsor NJ) website
"Carry On" Trevor Graves (Scottsville KY) website
"In A Million Years From Now (Shema)" Claudia Mikail (Calabasas CA) website
"Halfway Home" Umberto Fonte (Gypsum CO) website
"Dying To Be Heard" Michelle Gold, Alyse Merritt & Dan Needham (Boynton Beach FL) website
"I Must Be In The Right Place"Emmanuel Carlos St.Omer (Castries ST. LUCIA) website
"Wasteland" Weston Skaggs (Creston OH) website
"Son Shine" Aaron Schaffer (Evans GA) website
"God's Love" Steven D. Brown (Puyallup WA) website
"Total Turn Around" Garnette J. Grasty (Norfolk VA) website
"My Father's Eyes" Dawn Holeman (Mt. Juliet TN) website
"Fire In My Bones" Weston Skaggs (Creston OH) website
"God from A to Z" Valery (V.) Jefferson (Ballwin MO) website
"Can't Stop That Train" Sylvie Davidson (Nashville TN) website
"I Want What She's Got" Maureen Haworth (Grand Forks BC Canada) website

"Get Right Or You're Gonna Get Left" Linda Adkins (Otisville MI) website
"Faith" Kim Yarson (East Windsor NJ) website
"One In You" Danielle Shea (Nashville TN) website
"They Called Us Dirt P
oor" Hannon L. Roy, Jr. (Alexadria LA) website
"Every Step of the Way" Jill Taylor (Louisburg NC) website
"One Life To Live" Abbie Sandico (Manila PHILIPPINES) website
"Vanity, Vanity" Curtis Mosley (New Caney TX) website
"Go Against the Grain" Missy Green (Oxford MS) website
"Make Believe" Nicholas Reece Lincoln (West Milton OH) website
"The Old Man's Prayer" Peter Rogosky (Temple PA) website

"Let There Be Light" Rogeniv Mamauag (Elk Grove CA) website

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"The Fire In Blacksville Mine" Susan Nation (Murrayville GA) website
"Love Her More Than I Do" Darcy Jeavons (Huntington Beach CA) website
"Joan and Victor Jara" Patrick DeSimio (Mesilla Park NM) website
"Medication Vacation" Benny Pitsinger (Huntsville AL) website
"Jug Band Jam" Russ Wheelock (Asheville NC) website

"My Retro Weekend" Craig Ferguson (Burbank CA) website
"Cowboy Dreams" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Cap'n Jack & the Cat Who Would Be Human" Stuart Kabak (Swan Lake NY) website
"Fireworks" Emily Cole (Carbondale IL) website
"Mama Joe's" Carly Ricks Smith & Laura Paige Stratton (Boulder CO) website
"Sometimes Every Day" Georgia English (Nashville TN) website
"No Goodbyes" Nancy K. Dillon (Seattle WA) website
"Lost Boys" Joseph Pfeifer (Oxnard CA) website
"Being Mickey's Doctor" Joshua Arthur (Kirkwood MO) website
"Honky Tonkin' Bar" Patrice Webb (Kootenai ID ) website
"Where the Church Bells Ring" Susan Nation (Murrayville GA) website
"In the Dark Missouri's Mud" Patrick DeSimio (Mesilla Park NM) website
"May" Emily Cole (Carbondale IL) website
"Grease The Latch" Russ Wheelock (Asheville NC)
"Guitar Man" The Vogts Sisters (Erie KS) website

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"Dance of the Particles" Tomer George Cohen (Shoham ISRAEL) website
"Escape From Bach" Eduardo de la Iglesia Nieto (Madrid SPAIN) website
"North Swell" John Keawe (Kapaau HI ) website
"Fly" Katie Hardyman (Pampoolah NSW Australia) website
"Ain't Nobody" Victor Guadalupe (Tomball TX) website
"The Tramp" Angela Schwickert (Wiesbaden GERMANY) website
"To Be In Your Thoughts" Noshir Mody (New Rochelle NY) website
"Guitar Wank" Lou DeAdder (Whitby ON CANADA) website
"Palma De Mallorca" Victor Guadalupe (Tomball TX) website
"Beckoned By Mercury" Noshir Mody (New Rochelle NY) website
"Tight...Eh?" Lou DeAdder & Leo Sullivan (Whitby ON CANADA) website
"Dancing Near the Nile" Eduardo de la Iglesia (Madrid SPAIN) website
"It's Time" Sam Wocks (Cincinnati OH) website
"Sunflower Waltz" Michael Bain (Arlington TX) website
"Space Race" Dan Kassel (Titusville NJ) website
"Fisherman's March"Lou DeAdder (Whitby ON CANADA) website
"Keltic Rock" Sam Wocks (Cincinnati OH) website
"Laid To Rest" Stuart Reblin (Vallejo CA) website
"Sally Ann Goes To The Mall" Lou DeAdder (Whitby ON CANADA) website

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"Half Mad" Daniel Maguire (Mog) (Canberra AUSTRALIA) website
"Tip Toe" Mad June (Vanessa McLean, Vanessa McLean, Pascale St-Onge, Tania Desrochers, Lydia Champagne, Jessica Pion &
  Marie-Hélène Mallette) (Montreal QC Canada) website
"Cherry Blossom" Tucker Jameson (Austin TX) website
"I'll Be" Kim Jarrett & Elana Harte (Toronto ON CANADA) website
"Yesterday's Eyes" Berlingeri / DePasquale (Lyndhurst NJ) website
"Backseat Wonderland" Mike Bloomer (Plano TX) website
"Arise" Lawrence Vilchek (Arlington VA) website
"Divine Women" Joan Nerlino Caddell (Staten Island CA) website
"American Guns
" Tony Murphy (Gold Coast Queensland AUSTRALIA) website
"C U" Daniel Maguire (Mog) (Canberra AUSTRALIA) website
"Who Made You the Boss" Robin Taylor aka Taylor Poe (La Habra Heights CA) website
"Gonna Glide" Vic Neil (Tucson AZ) website
"Images" Paul Maged (New York NY) website
"Tinseltown" Roxanne Day (Brooklyn NY) website
"Fair-Haired Boy" Nicholas Todd (Burbank CA) website

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"A Mile In Their Shoes" Ryan Traughber (Roseville CA) website
"Show Me Your Moves" Cody Qualls (Superior CO) website
"Appreciation" SunNYhaze Troy Collins Jr. (Portsmouth RI) website
"If Only" Rachel Moore (Temple Hills MD) website
"Crazy Naked Troll Music" Stefan Olsson & Rikki Ansell (Orsa Dalarnas SWEDEN) website
"Dear Johnny" Netousha Harris (Jersey City NJ) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award banner on your website.


I Can't Wait For Christmas" Matthew Crafton (Baltimore MD) website
"Don't Take My Picture" Roger Bates (Placitas NM) website
"One Less Kitty" Carol Teal (Newmarket ON Canada) website
"No Rain No Rainbow" Utako Toyama & SkyBridge (Boston MA) website
"The Dot Song" Emily Dale & Peter H. Reynolds (Pasadena CA) website
"Smells Like Whiskey" Roxanne Day (Brooklyn NY) website
"Vicarious" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Whale Kisses" Kristin Kellner (San Francisco CA) website
"Our Love Will Never End" Debra Gussin & Don Grady (Los Angeles CA) website
"Confusing Costume" Joanie Leeds (Brooklyn NY) website

"Red Flags" Jeff Moxcey (Waterville ME) website
"The Zombie Groove" Todd Radosevich (Coral Springs FL) website
"Ukulele Christmas" Spencer Chandler (New York NY) website
"Christmas Every Day" Kim Jarrett & Elana Harte (Toronto ON CANADA) website
"Pizza Pizza" Lynne Revo Cohen (Reston VA) website
"Stormy Christmas" Sruli Leider (Brooklyn NY) website
"Chicken Wannabe" Jeff Christensen (Thornton CO) website
"God Made the Animals So" Alan Flory (Apple Valley CA) website
"Food Fight" Joanie Leeds (Brooklyn NY) website
"This Winter" Emily Dale & Nick Goldston (Pasadena CA) website
"Christmas Blues" Jill Taylor (Louisburg NC) website
"Patience Fairy" Stefan Olsson & Rikki Ansell (Orsa SWEDEN) website
"The End" Elitsa Manolo (Toronto ON CANADA) website

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"Best Actor" Debra Gussin (Los Angeles CA) website
"Billy's Dream" Tony King (Bermagui, NSW AUSTRALIA) website
"To Change Is To Be Alive" Richard Dames (New York NY) website
"Turn Red" Danielle Pyle (Los Angeles, CA) website
"Kansas City Side" Brian D. Bell (Madison WI) website
"Why Do You Ask Me" Venae Ellis (Ellijay GA) website
"Men Leave and Men Die" Lisa Marks (Springfield MO) website
"All the Pretty America" Nancy K. Dillon (Seattle WA) website
“Matter” MeLinda Lidia Dalton (Lyrics) / Russell Quinn & MeLinda Lidia Dalton (Song) (Portland OR) website

"80's Rockstar" Sarah Rothermund (Bennington NE) website
"Country Kids" Ean Lanning (Oceanside CA) website
"Damaged Goods" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"The Bottom of the Bottle" Preston Jones (Dallas TX) website
"Child Will Remain" Dino Ferra (Scotrun PA) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this
Great American Song Award banner
on your website.

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Congratulations to all these great songwriters!

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