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12th Annual Great American Song Contest


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The number of songs selected from the 12th Annual Great American Song Contest exceeded any previous year, according to GASC Judges, who reviewed entries from over 1600 songwriters.

Outstanding songs were discovered in all categories of the 2010 contest. The increased number of excellent songs made the task of choosing the winners enjoyable — but extremely challenging.

Below is the official list of GASC 2010 Finalists. All scored near the top of their respective categories.

(The number of category Finalists is proportionate to the number of entries received in each of the nine categories.)

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"Underwater" Christina Bell (Nashville TN) website
"Expectation" Tara Priya & Jason Cirimele" (NYC) website
"My Ex-Boyfriend" Annie Dinerman New York NY) website
"Playing With My Food" Ott Lukk (Minneapolis MN) website
"Constant" Z. Mulls-Josh Dodes-Adam Blau (Philadelphia PA) Z. Mulls Josh Dodes Adam Blau
"When It's Over" Sarah Jane Wilson & Andrew Koss (NYC) website
"Off My Mind" Allison Gray (Los Angeles CA) website
"Parfum Exotique" Takako Asahina (New York NY)
"Happy" Jesse Palter & Sam Barsh (Brooklyn NY)
"Carousel" Caroline Jay (London UK)
"Brand New Revolution" Larry Brewer (Madison MS) website
"Waited For June" Megan Burtt (Denver CO) website
"Rhythm of the Rain" Max Jury (Des Moines IA)
"Smile For You" Andrea Wilhelmi (Tucson AZ) website
"Come Together" James Hammel (New York NY) website
"Moving On" Malea McGuinness (Los Angeles CA) website
"Caught In the Middle" Neil Rutman (Altadena CA) website
"In My Soul" Sarah Bella (Auburn Hills MI)
"Monster" Matt Dahan (Los Angeles CA) website
"Facebook Freak" Sally Street (Sydney AUSTRALIA) website
"In My Mind" Tina Lundelius (Bethesda MD) website
"Something About Your Way" Shane Martin (Independence MN) website
"Animal" Nava Plotsky-Ben Cooper-Kendal Naughton (Los Angeles CA)
"Something To Talk About" Irene Panas (Strathfield AUSTRALIA) website
"My Daddy's My Hero" Matt Glickstein & Tonni Riley (Lanai City HI) Matt Tonni
"I'm Leaving the Fairytale Behind" Debbie Hennessey & Athena Marie Bryne (Los Angeles CA)
"Surround Me" Sarah McMullen/ Jonathan George/ Raumin Tadayon (Shawnee Mission KS)
"Believe" Debbie Hennessey, Rye Randa & Jeff Foxworth (Los Angeles CA)
"Taking Me the Right Way" Rolf Schnyder, Donna Aylor & Cindy Howard (Grimisuat SWITZERLAND) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a Finalist on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award
banner on your website or media materials.


"Midnight Forest Cricket Chorus" Jeff Moxcey (Waterville MA)
"Silently" S. Craig/B. Flowerree/K. Meiers (Kingston Springs TN) website
"The Fall (I Fell For You)" Harley Jay (LA CA) website
"Ride It Like It's Stolen" Marc Kuchner (Baltimore MD) website
"I Got Lucky" Kenny Lee Hall (Wentzville MO)
"No Bridge Unburned" Michael McGee & Jeff Oxford (Lock Haven PA)
"An Awesome Six String Fender" Wayne Jacobs (Country Kent UK)
"It'll Be OK" Lee Burke (Antigonish NS CANADA) website
"Roads" Austin, Hines, Manders & Richardson (Fort Worth TX) website
"On the Brink With You" Spencer Kelly & Bill Wormald (Victoria Park AUSTRALIA)
"The Kind of Man" David VonderBurg (Winston Salem NC)
"Angels" Keith Moody (Spring Hill TN) website
"Chick Bait" Paul E. Hunnecutt (Harrsion AR) website
"One of These Days" Evie Ladin (Oakland CA) website
"Love Song For Me" Kevin McGee (Nashville TN) website
"I Switched To Country" Trent L Stolz (Nanaimo Northwest BC CANADA)
"Hip Hop Country" Steven Michael Johnson (Hot Springs Village AR)
"Whatever Happened To Manners" Marty Lasserre (Tracy CA)
"Miss In Mississippi" Michael "Max" McGee & Rolf Schnyder (Lock Haven PA)
"Southern Blend" Merideth Moore (Campbellsville KY)
"Just As Surprised As You" Michael D. Whitworth & Joshua R. Roland (Athens GA) website
"That's What I Hate About Love" Jim & John Mears (Nashville TN) website
"Southern Country Lovin' & "Dixie Girl" Tom Robinson" (Yorktown Heights NY) website


"October Sky" Jean Hilbert (Waverly IA) website
"Reflections Through Time" Amelia Coffey (Portland OR) website
"Sensitive Soul" Andreas (Thessaloniki GREECE) website
"For A Friend I've Never Met" John D Visconti (Merrick NY) website
"Finding Hope (Song for Denise)" Greg Ledford (Cary IL) website
"Ishikawa" Cathy Fink (Kensington MC) website
"Appalachia" Peter Kerr (Coopersburg PA)
"Noah's Ocean Blues" Mitsch Kohn (Berlin Germany)
"Musician In New York" Takako Asahina (New York NY)
"Song For Her" Davis Lee (Malaysia)
"Rejoice In Triumph" Christian Andersson (Lund SWEDEN) website
"Two Sax For You" Theodore Mavromoustakis (Thessaloniki GREECE) website
"Night and Light" Miklos Ferenczi (Budapest HUNGARY)
"To Home Harbor" Aleks Palmour (Vladimir RUSSIA)
"Sweet Smile" Dongliang Chen (Hudderfield UK)
"It's Summer Time" Andrew Francis Zunno (Katonah NY) website
"Morning Surrender" Philip Marchello (Belvidere NJ) website
"Icarus" Christopher Schreine (Norwalk CT)
"Fall In Love With the Farthest Star" Rebecca Pinto (Hong Kong) website
"Suite Danielle" Tommy Seidita (Mechanicsville VA)
"Fantasy In Bb" Alan Ho-Yee (Burnaby BC CANADA)


"You're Changing Me" Nicole Curtis (Christiana TN)
"That Day" Tonya Ferguson (Poplar Bluff MO) website
"Better" Nathan Brumley (Cane Ridge TN)
"Little Ol' Me" Ian S. Tschirhart (Royal Oak MI)
"Just Pray" Justin Honaman (Atlanta GA) website
"Dancing With Angels" Brian Futch (Lilburn GA) website
"Right Where You Are" Lesley Lile & Wesley Schroeder (Milton FL)
"You Must Find Me" Joshua Morgan (Jalisco MEXICO)
"The Best Is Yet To Come" Rosetta "Rosie" Tate & Jimmy "Jim Gittum" Rodgers (Long Beach CA)

NOTE: If you are listed as a Finalist on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award
banner on your website or media materials.


"One Floor Taller" Marc Bridge (Westborough MA) website
"Oil and Water" R. Mack Harrell (Boca Raton FL) website
"Erratic Satellite Aphrodite" Julian Sark (Toronto CANADA) website
"Little Black Dress" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"You" Matt Coe (Los Angeles CA) website
"Angels Above Berlin" Cole Petrone (Vancouver BC CANADA) website
"Human After All" Michael Logen/Sierra Noble (Nashville) website
"The Fence" Brian J Kalinec (Houston TX) website
"Mississippi Moon" Emily Kurn (Anchorage AK) website
"The Tree House" Tim Davidson (Seattle WA)
"Invite the Last Tear" Hope Savage & Danny White (Martinez CA) website
"Over Now" Christal Prout (Stephens City VA) website
"I'm Only Sleeping" Katie Hardyman (Pampoolah AUSTRALIA) website
"We Fell Away" Ben Rusch & Simon Charlton (London UK) website
"The Waking Hour" David Francey (Toronto CANADA) website
"Can't Tell You Goodbye" Scott Dameron & Jay Ladd V (Raleigh NC) website
"Where the Wild Things Are" Ben Rusch (London UK) website
"Love Is the Answer" James Paterson & Denise Alexander (Adelaide AUSTRALIA) website
"A Hundred Years From Now" Lynn Adler, Lindy Hearne & Tom Prasada-Rao (Winnsboro TX) website
"Love Is Tough" & "Understanding" Babe Gurr (Vancouver CANADA) website


"Pink Cashmere" Charles Raymond Martin (Gainesville FL) website
"Worry About" Joe Kuhl (Bohemia NY) website
"Irony" Tucker Spitzer (Austin TX) website
"That's What Men Talk About" Sean Pearson (NYC) website
"TV Song" Bob Dee (New York NY) website
"Bring Night" H. C. Turk (Summerfield FL) website
"Out of Line" Daniel James Maguire (Mog) (Canberra AUSTRALIA) website


"Shy Guy" Devon Marie Franklin (Leesburg VA) website
"Timeless Love" Siphumelele Langeni (Southfild MI) website
"Troubles" Gentleman J & Dirt Merchant (Orlando FL) website
"Mi Gran Amor" Mariella Nelson (Hialeah FL)
"Upper Hand" Jordan Weymouth & Travis Hasselman (Ellicott City MD)
"Love Drunk" Jermaine Diaz & Kenneth Laflame (Trenton NJ)
"Without Love" Charles DeWayne Dorsey Jr. (La Verne CA) website
"For Love" Tara Priya/Andre de Sant'anna/Eugene Birman (San Franciso CA) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a Finalist on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award
banner on your website or media materials.


"The Elephant Song" Owen Duggan (San Antonio TX) website
"On No Words" Ubi Quitous & FU (Tokyo JAPAN) website
"Back To Basics" Chris Mccandless (Redding CA) website
"Caramel and Cream" William Dake (Bellevue WA) website
"Ant Farm Headboard" Carrie Carter (Mt. Lofty AUSTRALIA)
"I'm A Sponge" Meg Primola Russell (Newtown PA) website
"Kheng Kheng Crocodile" Donna Lisa (Westfield NJ) website
"I Can See Home(A Soldier's Song) Carl Grover (Mason City IA)
"Individuality" Brad 'Duke' Snyder (Anaheim CA)
"Christmas Magic" Irene Panas (Strathfield AUSTRALIA) website
"Hey Santa (A.K.A. 57 Chevy)" Larry Decker (Sterling Heights MI) website
"Look Strong, Speak Strong, Report It!" Steve Couch (Davenport IA) website
"Abandoned n Lonely Place" Jeffrey Scott Enderby (Davis CA)
"Poopie Diaper" Shoshana Sperling & Maury LaFo (West Toronto CANADA) website
"Dairy Queen Bear" Patricia Harris & Terri Finck (Oregon City OR) website
"Light" Shoshana Sperling & Maury LaFoy (Toronto CANADA) website
"Is It Too Late To Be Good, Santa?" Marita Brake & Gretchen Meyer (Normal IL) website
"Please Don't Google Me" &"Humblest Person In The World" David Brody Lynnwod WA) website
"Syncopated Washboard Rhythm Song" Marcy Marxer (Kensington MD) website
"Eden Den" Ratka Gavrovska - Darko Domitrovic (Zagreb CROATIA) website
"Sanjala Sem" Biliana Ivanovic -Darko Domitrovic (Zagreb CROATIA) website
"In Bethlehem" Kathryn L. Williams & Fran Minarik (NYC) website
"Oh My Goodness, Look At This Mess!" Nitanju Bolade Casel (Silver Spring MD)
"Thank You Jo(e)" Larry Decker, Mike Sackey & Bob Livernois (Sterling Heights MI) website


"Painted Heart" Holly Sloan (Cardiff Wales UK)
"Plum Blossoms In the Snow" Randall Effner (Jamestown MO) website
"A Dream I Want To Never End" Wayne Westervelt (Franklin Lakes NJ) website
"Hollywood Makes It Look So Easy" Jennifer Wagester (Batvia NY)
"California Country Dude" Brad 'Duke' Snyder (Anaheim CA)
"Mica Shine" Brooklyn Motz (Aurora CO)
"Highway Queen" Richard D. Oliver (East Providence RI)

NOTE: If you are listed as a Finalist on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award
banner on your website or media materials.


Congratulations to all these great songwriters!

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