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"The only song contest I've found that's worth entering is the Great American Song Contest. They give written feedback to entrants on each song and the judges are excellent. Don't waste your time and creativity elsewhere ... the Great American Song Contest is head and shoulders above the competition." Dan Grove, Reston VA

Raves & Reviews!

Songwriters Resource Network has sponsored the annual Great American Song Contest every year since 1999.

We invite comments and feedback from songwriters. Here are some recent favorites!


"Thanks for my evaluations. I got more benefit and more direction from your critiques than I would a thousand nights at a local workshop!" Anthony Harkins, Houston TX

"The Great American Song Contest has been a great help to us as songwriters. As a direct result of our win in the Country category, we were contacted by a publisher and signed a publishing deal. We highly recommend this competition to all songwriters who are serious about taking their songwriting to the next level." Russ & Lynn Case, Choiceland SK Canada

"Winning the Great American Song Contest has given me numerous press interviews, inroads to film music supervisors' desks and boosted my confidence. Thank you!" Shawn Vougeot, Stillwater MN

"Thank you for AWESOME critical reviews of our songs! The comments returned to us have been wonderful in focusing our musical energy. Many thanks to everyone involved." Stephen & Karen Spanbauer, Louisville KY

"Your judging critiques are absolutely priceless to songwriters! This is the second year I've entered your songwriting contest and your feedback has really helped me develop my material." Kim Berry, Westport CT

"It's not only about winning. It's also about giving the songwriter something in return for entering. Keep up the great work Great American Contest! Sal Lima, Toronto Canada

"Although I've been writing songs most of my life, I considered most songwriting contests useless. Then I entered the Great American Song Contest! Your evaluations are a great way for songwriters to expand and gauge their talent. To me, winning wasn't the objective, it was the expert feedback." Hugh Hession, Warner Robins, GA

"Thank you for making a beautiful dream come true! I wish the Great American Song Contest long life and success." Gisele Plamondon, Satellite Beach FL


"Thank you very much for your evaluations of my songs. The analysis of my music was brilliant!" Nadia Cripps, London UK

"Thank you for providing such a helpful and rewarding songwriting contest! Of all the songwriting contests, music contests and lyric competitions I've found, the Great American Song Contest is the very best!" Lisa Thompson, Columbus OH

"Thank you for this great contest. The candid evaluations from songwriting professionals were very useful. I don’t know of anywhere else I could have gotten such good help." Char Matejovsky, Santa Rosa CA

"Great songwriting contest folks! Everything was run in a professional manner and all aspects followed through on, including acknowledgment of receipt, evaluations and timely publishing of winners. I find the song critiques invaluable." Ron Smale, London, Ontario, Canada

"The Great American Song Contest is a perfect venue for aspiring songwriters to have their songs evaluated. I also like your contest because whenever I have a query, I always get a quick professional, polite response." Terry Markham, El Cajon CA

"Thank you for the personal touch of sending a written evaluation. I am very proud of my scores. Your comments have inspired me to write even better." Tracy Rush, Brandywine WV

"I want to thank GASC judges for their obvious care in reviewing my lyrics. It gives me great encouragement to go forward with my songwriting." Arloa Means, Floresville TX

"I found my evaluation very helpful with some excellent tips on songwriting. The Great American Song Contest and has given me valuable information to help me improve my songwriting skills." Cameron J. Ingram, Leeds England

"Heartfelt thanks to the Great American Song Contest judges for my song evaluations. The feedback was encouraging and I'm working on the improvements suggested." Nancy Green, Chesapeake VA

"Your songwriting contest is fabulous. The detailed critiques are so useful!" Philip Bird, Headley England

"To say the Great American Song Contest has exceeded my expectations would be an understatement. Everything was handled very professionally, the caliber of judging was impressive & the results were more than I could have hoped for." T. Douglas Bush, San Diego CA

"Although I didn't win I was very pleased with the feedback I got from the judges. I felt like a winner, because the comments were so encouraging and helpful." Nora H. Goosby, Romeoville IL

"Thank you for your contest. I look forward to using your critiques to help me improve my writing skills, and I look forward to entering again next year!" George Stanton Styles, Smithtown NY

"The only song contest I've found that's worth entering is the Great
American Song Contest. They give written feedback to all entrants on each song, and the top judges are announced and excellent. Don't waste your creativity elsewhere...the Great American Song Contest is head and shoulders above the competition."
Dan Grove, Reston VA

"Receiving the judges evaluations was a really big boost and inspires me to keep writing. Raymond Byabazaire, Kampala Uganda

"Sending stuff off into cyber space to be critiqued can be a nauseating exercise in self worth. Your comments were terrific, dealt with the work not the person, and are constructive, helping to build on the foundation I already have." Donna Creighton, London ONT Canada

"Thank you so much for the excellent evaluations! I immediately came up with wonderful ideas to improve my song tremendously. I'm excited to submit again when the next songwriting contest begins." Betty Rogers, Austin TX

"I've entered other contests before that don't even contact you unless you win. I'm glad I discovered the Great American Song Contest. I especially appreciate the personalized song evaluations." Virginia Kaplan, Salem OR

"I really liked your detailed feedback of my songs, especially the personal comments. It was evident my songs had been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated." George Burden, Elmsdale Canada

"You offer a wonderful songwriting contest. The low entry fees and song evaluations make it an easy choice. It's really a great idea." Connie Maxwell, Kill Devil Hills NC

"By providing this excellent songwriting contest you do a great service to all of us in the songwriting community. It's affordable and the prizes are terrific. The personal attention was very gracious and unexpected. I often rely on Songwriters Resource Network for research on the craft and business of songwriting. It is truly a one-stop resource." Bob Macdonald, Boca Raton FL

"The critiques from the GASC judges were immensely valuable to my songwriting." Barb Murrin, Lacombe AB Canada

"I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the evaluations I received from the judges. The constructive criticism was excellent and much appreciated." Christine Robison, Clearfield PA

"The evaluations great encouragement and helpful direction in my next steps as a songwriter." Christine Gideon, Clementon NJ

"Although I received an Honor Award in the 2003 contest, it was the professional manner in which the contest was conducted that compelled me to submit another entry for 2004. Good, bad or otherwise, what songwriters value most is the sense of integrity and fairness that was evident in the judging of the entries. The wealth of creative criticism I received from the evaluation was worth the price of the entry." Terry Markham, El Cajon CA

"This has been one of the most satisfying songwriting contests ever. Thank you so much! You'll never know what your songwriting contest has done for my self-esteem!" Marvine Carter, Lebanon MO

"You folks are heads and shoulders above other songwriting contests I have entered." Alan R. Hesse, Sioux City IA

"You offer a GREAT songwriting contest! There are other songwriting contests around, of course, but songwriters will choose (the Great American Song Contest) because it's just the kind of event we're looking for!" Janet Preus, Fergus Falls MN

"Thank you for a great songwriting contest that's so helpful and encouraging to new and aspiring songwriters." Don Campfield, Mishawaka IN

... and this from Access Magazine:


Great American Song Contest: The Best of the International Songwriting Contests

"Of all the songwriting contests available today, recommends the Great American Song Contest. Why? Because unlike most songwriting contests, the Great American Song Contest guarantees that all songwriters who enter will receive written song evaluations from knowledgeable music-industry pros. The Great American Song Contest isn't the biggest of the songwriting contests— it is simply the BEST of the songwriting contests!"

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