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Opportunities for Great American Song Contest Winners

Congratulations! You are a winner in the Great American Song Contest!

Last year's level of competition was very strong, so it's truly a notable achievement to be selected as one of the top songwriters.

As stated on our Prizes & Benefits page, the Top 5 category winners in all categories each receive an Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting award and these prizes: Top 5 Winner prizes

First-Place category winners will receive these prizes: First-Place prizes

The Grand Prize winner receives all of the above prizes, plus $1,000 in cash and $100 Gift Certificate from Musician's Friend.

Here are some answers to common questions we receive from winning songwriters:

Q: When will I receive my award & prizes?

A: All awards and prizes are mailed approximately 3 weeks after the winners are announced.

Q: Are there other advantages to winning?

A: Sure! Winning the Great American Song Contest can help you advance your reputation as a songwriter and open doors in the music business.

Many past winners have used the achievement to generate publicity and media for their music. Some use their accomplishment to build their reputations or find collaborators. Some have gone on to score recording and publishing contracts. (See GASC Success Stories.)

Here are some suggestions:

1.) First, use the experience of winning to reinforce your self-confidence. After all, your songwriting talent was good enough emerge a winner from more than 1500 other songwriters. Use this as a psychological boost to motivate your songwriting ambitions!

2.) As a winner of a prestigious International song contest, you now have an impressive credit in your songwriting resume. This can help you open doors to music publishers, producers, collaborators and other music-industry professionals.

3.) Promote yourself! Let people know of your achievement. Use it to advance your professional reputation and promote your work. Post your achievement on your website and include it in cover letters to publishers. Market yourself!

NOTE: If you are an Award Winner you are invited to display the GASC Winner Banner on your website. (See below).


Q: I realize that it's up to me to market my songs, but is there any way you can help?

A: Sure. If you're trying to promote your music with the music media, we will send a press announcement on your behalf. Just email us with contact numbers of the specific publication. Many GASC winners have earned important publicity for their songs in music publications, music-related websites, industry newsletters, and their hometown newspapers.

Q: I've heard about the Great American Song Hall of Fame. Will I be asked to join?

A: If you are a Grand Prize winner or a First Place winner in any category, you will be invited to be in the Hall of Fame.

Q: What are some advantages?

A: Your winning song will be featured on the site, free of charge, along with your photo, bio, and contact numbers. It's a great way to publicize your songs, and attract interest from publishers, recording artists and potential collaborators.

Q: Do winning songwriters ever get contacted by Great American Song Contest judges?

A: Our judges are music-industry professionals. They are publishers, producers and recording artists, and they are always looking for songs. If they hear a song that's right for their purposes, they can request the songwriter's contact information. (We will of course get permission from songwriters before we share the contact information.)

Q: May I use quotes from the judges' evaluations in my publicity materials to promote my music?

A: Absolutely! You are welcome to use the quotes in your publicity materials, on your recordings, and on your website.

Q: May I link to the Great American Song website?

A: Yes, please do. If you're listed as an Award Winner or Finalist, you are invited to display the appropriate award graphic on your website or promo materials. See below or go to: Award Banners

Note: If you use these graphics, please link to our website at:

Note: If you use our banners, please link to our website at:


There's no mystery about what it takes to succeed as a songwriter.

First, you've got to have talent. Then you've got to let people know you've got talent.

Learn the music business. Learn to market your songs. And network, network, network!

As a winner in the Great American Song Contest, you've earned impressive credibility as a songwriter. Now it's up to you to make the most of it!


Learn more about how to market your songs. See Songwriters Resource Network article 'Getting Your Songs Heard' by John Braheny

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