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13th Annual Great American Song Contest

Outstanding songs were discovered in every category of the 13th Annual Great American Song Contest. GASC Judges reviewed the work of nearly 1500 songwriters, composers and lyricists.

The high quality of songwriting made the task of choosing winners enjoyable, but also challenging.

Below is the official list of GASC 2011 Finalists. All scored near the top of their respective categories. (The number of category Finalists is proportionate to the number of entries received in each of the 10 (categories.)

"Lexi" Sally Street Sydney & Gerard Masters (Sydney AUSTRALIA) website
"Ice In Her Glass" Kami Lyle (Harwich MA) website
"Nutshell" Sea Gisondo (Mamaroneck NY) website
"Vagabond" Chase Thompson / Goodnight Argent (Pasco WA) website
"Try Me On for Size" Scott Vincent (Denville NJ)
"Stand Downriver" Linnea Brooks (Gaston OR)
"So Now You're Sorry" Slava Zenin (Hampshire UK)
"Summer, No" Kami Lyle (Harwich MA) website

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"The Quiet Sound of Disappearing" Robin Taylor (La Habra Heights CA)
"Butterfly" Brad Cole (Chicago IL) website
"It's Just That" Eva Aine (Tokyo JAPAN) website
"Parachute" Lisa Horan (Catonsville MD) website
"Reinventing Me" Gail Marten (Columbia MD) website
"Stronger Than Before" Dennis Sy (South River NJ) website
"Night On the Island" H C Turk (Summerfield FL) website
"Funny Humanz" Paul Kostal (Brisbane AUSTRALIA) website
"Heroin Hips" Scott Ross (Astoria NY)
"I Hope You Know" Frank Marsilio (Winnetka CA)
"Soldier Song" Robert Stevenson (Castle Forbes Bay AUSTRALIA)
"Forever Doesn't Last Too Long" Denise L. Taylor (New York NY)

"Cougar Town" Renee Eileen (Malibu CA) website
"Mail Order Bride" Avi Katz (Toronto ONT CANADA) website
"Shame All Around" Avi Katz (Toronto ONT CANADA website
"Powerline" Eric Erdman & Wendell Erdman (Mobile AL)
"Annie On the Stairs" Tom Smith & William Thibodeau (Dedham MA) website
"Yesterday (I Wish There Was A Way)" John Mieras (Longmont CO) website

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"I Hate That I Care" Jared Thibeau (Toronto CANADA) website
"A Man Changing A Baby" William Hopkins (Washington DC) website
"Simple Life" Doug Dunlop & Gary Watson (Hornby ONT CANADA) website
"Fishin' Buddy" T. Edwin Doss (Lake Anna VA) website
"Down At the Swimmin' Hole" Michael Gantt (Martinsburg WV)
"When Boys Grow Into Men" Rita Poh & Karel Daniels (Weston FL) website
"Kiss Me Like U Mean It" Debra Gussin/Wood Newton/Tom Fekete/Jim Lee (Los Angeles CA) website
"Fish'll Bite" Clayte Huber (Camano Island WA)
"Kentucky Houseboat" Linda Acton (Waterville OH)
"Life Wide Open" Morgan Wilk (Hutchinson KS) website
"My Daddy's Radio" Ken Graham (Port Richey FL)
"Girl With the Dog" Jared Mathis(Franklin TN)
"Part Time Daddy" Mark B. Stegall (Danville VA)
"Right Kind of Love At the Wrong Time" Shai Littlejohn (Washington DC)
"Kissin-Missin You Songs" Robert Case (McAllen TX)
"Paradise To Me" Adam Carpenter (Jonesboro AR)
"What's Up Dog?" Carl Grover (Mason City IA) website
"I'm Still Trying" April Verch (Pembroke ONT CANADA)
"Southern Princess" Stacy Howard (Lewisville NC)
"I'm Only Here For the Wine" Larry Boggess (State College PA) website
"I Never Should Have Told Her I Was A Cowboy" Terry McLeish (Westmeath ONT CANADA)

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"Table Made Of Mercy" Lisa Venkatrathnam & Keith Stacey Rowe (Minneapolis MN) website
"If I Stay" Katie Hardyman (Pampoolah NSW AUSTRALIA) website
"Merciful Redeemer" Grant Udellis (Maple ONT CANADA)
"He's Some Kinda Carpenter" Barbara James (Cincinnati OH) website
"On the Other Side" Jon McAuliffe (Ashland MA) website
"The Little Book" Denise Giguere-Duell (Zephyrhills FL) website
"On and On" Wendy Jepsen (Riverdale UT) website
"Old Rockers" Heno Head Jr. (Monett MO)
"Declare His Majesty" & "He Set Me Free" Jeffery K. Tinch (Lynn Haven FL)

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"Daddy's Last Drive" Lucy Billings (Menlo Park CA) website
"Sarah Ann" Dan Weber (Vancouver WA) website
"Fragile Thing" Dave Nachmanoff (Davis CA) website
"Watch That Red Horse Run (Secretariat)" Doug Patrick (Chesterfield VA)
"The Last Voice You Hear" Stuart Kabak (Monticello NY)
"Fitted Sheets" Terry McLeish (Westmeath ONT CANADA)
"5th Of July" Ed Romanoff/Crit Harmon/Mary Gauthier(Brooklyn NY) website
"Linger" Wendy Parr (New York NY) website
"Beijing Lullaby" Randall & Sara Effner (Jamestown MO) website
"Tracking System" Sue Fink (Chicago IL) website
"Tear Down Every Wall" Jon McAuliffe (Ashland MA) website
"Oh My Michael" - Abbie Gardner & Jonathan Byrd (Jersey City NJ) website website
"Me & My Ukulele" Larry Warren (Torrington CT)
"Snake Oil" & "The Cowboy Kind" Larry Potts (Petaluma CA)
"Liquor Don't Lie" & "War Movies & Westerns" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Hand Written Letters" Glenn Jarrett (Missoula MT)
"Wound Up Woman" Frank Migliorelli (Croton NY) website
"No Time To Lose" Mark Radcliffe & Rob Giles (New York NY) website
"I Must Have Done Something Right" Ed Romanoff & Crit Harmon (Brooklyn NY) website
"Willow Tree" Martin Whited (Cayuga IN)
"Legend of William "Hoppy" Boyd" Dean Peterson (Challis ID)
"Give It All of Your Heart" Brian Morse & Treblehawk(Ocala FL) website
"Every Now and Then" Phyllis Tannerfrye (Murrells Inlet SC)
"Blueberry Pie" Kathleen Covert Jensen (Mountain View AR)
"My Love" Babe Gurr (Vancouver BC CANADA) website
"If I Had My Way" Lydia Fortune (Worcester MA) website
"By Your Side" Adrian Mowry (Philadelphia PA)
"Got A Mind" D.B. Rielly (New York NY)

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"Coin Flip" Erik Norton (Georgetown TX)
"Opus 7 No. 4" Jim Collins (Jacksonville FL)
"Outta Here" Lisa Graham (Southampton NJ)
"Fire" Bulat Gafarov (Moscow RUSSIA) website
"Grasp This Happiness" Chan Nga Yung/Rebecca Pinto (HONG KONG) website
"Chicago Guitar Knight" Arkadiusz Religa (Chicago IL) website
"Mocha Maya" Tony Lechner (Northampton MA) website
"Taos Song" & "August Light" Kathryn Kaye (Ward CO) website
"Mighty Wind" Phil Marchello (Belvidere NJ) website
"Red Eared Slider" - Esther Ng (Oxford UK)
"I Knew Before It Happened" Harriet Goldberg (Brookline MA) website
"Freakshow" Edward Douglas (Chardon OH) website
"The Hospice Nurse" Charlie Hill (Tulsa OK) website
"Last Time" Ian Gunn (London UK) website
"Anathea" Sladjana Filipovic (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
"Shake Your Body" Askin Serbetci (Webster NY) website
"Catching Moonlight" & "In Your Eyes" Jean Hilbert (Waverly IA)
"Stefani Waltz" David Ross (Midlothian VA) website
"Celebrating Death" Isabelle Lachance (Saint-Jean-Port-Joli QC CANADA)
"Tears For Janick" Lou DeAdder (Whitby ONT CANADA) website
"An American Western Theme" J.W. Curtis (Phoenix AZ)
"Miles Dance" Sarah Slater (Lititz PA)

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"Nameless" Doug Ahler Oakand CA
"Borrowed Time" Christina Cramer & In Cahoots (Seattle WA) website
"The Perfect Wave" Phil Jones (Princeville HI) website
"One More Minute" Alexandre Molodkov (Toronto CANADA)
"Like A Train" Chuck Folds & Steve Williard (Greensboro NC) website
"Vanity" Daniel Heimann Lake (Elsinore CA)
"The Flower & Her Bees" Jett Stone (New York NY)
"Sugar Plumb Fairies" Fredrick Potocnik (Chicago IL)

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"I've Had Enough" Stonewall 'Stoneman' Towery (Clayton CA) website
"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" Andrea Jones (Los Angeles CA) website

NOTE: If you are listed as a FINALIST on this page you are invited to display this Great American Song Award banner on your website.

"Parasaurolophus is a Mouthful For All of Us" Mike Whitla (West Toronto CANADA) website
"I Don't Believe In Christmas this Year" Harriet Goldberg (Brookline MA) website
"Me and Ed (Yippee Yodel Song)" Judy Cook(Winnipeg CANADA) website
"Christmas Makes the World Unite" Gerhard Carnaghi (Neumunster GERMANY)
"Honey Bee" The Kerplunks Gabriola Island BC website
"Christmas in NYC" Claudia Mikail (Woodland Hills CA)
"The Naturalist" Anne Williamson (St. Louis MO) website
"Cricket In My Room" Rog Bates (Cary NY)
"Christmas Eve With You" Mike Hyden (Ralston NE) website
"Andrew's Lullaby" Dina Layzis & Theresa San Luis (Delanco NJ)
"Christmas In July" Stan Ayeroff (Los Angeles CA) website
"Sleepin' On the Sofa" Mark Stepakoff (Boston MA) website
"Beautiful Time Of the Year" Mel Strait (Huntsville TX)
"Sing American" Sherwin Kaufman & Brian Muni (New York NY)
"Lick My Face" Tom Smith (Dedham MA) website
"Bearly There" Gianna Horak (Pasadena CA)
"I Need Your Love" Daniel Belt (Augusta KS)
"Good Ol' American Cheese" & "The Old Coyote" Spencer Chandler (New York NY) website
"Friends" Neil Comess-Daniels & Larry Steelman (Santa Monica CA) website
"Stinky Poo Song" Billy Jackfish (Victoria BC CANADA) website

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"Downhill Blues" Glenn Hammerstad (Oslo NORWAY)
"Blue Chevy Heaven" Peggy Merrow (Dothan AL)
"Team of Stone" William Kufs (Gansevoort NY)
"Wonder Woman" Lisa Graham (Southampton NJ)
"Friday Night Hick Parade" Scott Metzinger (Carmel IN)
"Lonely Laundromat" Dennis Goza (Burbank CA)
"Never Gave Up" Erin Fox (Havertown PA)
"Ballad of Lela and Dusty" Randall Effner (Jamestown MO) website
"Doubleback Jack" Corinne H. Swart (Newport Beach CA)
"To Her the Armor Shines" Monte Richardson (Ennis TX)
"Twelve Pointer Deer" Paul Michael Hanyok (Frederick MD)
"One Soul At A Time" J. Belle Tucker (Turks & Caicos Islands)
"Pray the Music Never Stops" Randy Gordon (Bethany OK)
"Night Train" Martin Whited (Cayuga IN)
"I Had To Walk Through Heaven" James Cook (Hanoi VIETNAM)
"You Can Keep the Change" Lisa Graham (Southampton NJ)
"Dangerous" George Allen (Toronto ONT CANADA)

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Congratulations to all these great songwriters!

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