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15th Annual Great American Song Contest

First Place winner - Lyric Writing

“Memory Museum”
© Mark Stepakoff

"Memory Museum"

Rode my Raleigh down a back road
Baseball cards stuck in the spokes
Headed over to the drugstore
Had a couple cherry cokes
Spent the last of my allowance
Over at the Five and Dime
On some 45s and comics
Made it home for suppertime
You may think those things are gone now
But every day I still can see 'em
Cause they're always on exhibit
In my memory museum

Fresh milk delivered in the morning
Mama opens up a jar
Daddy reads his morning paper
I can't believe how young they are
Grandma's sleeping in the guest room
Been two years now since Grandpa died
Of course at that point we don't know it
But she'll be with him come July
Sometimes it's like I never left there
Other times it's like a dream
Just another Tuesday morning
At my memory museum

Got a wing with paper airplanes
Lionel trains and Soap Box cars
I try to tell my kids about it
They look at me like I'm from Mars
Cause they can't see the things that I see
But I know someday when they're grown
They'll have a personal collection
At some museum of their own

Everything is always changing
It's all about the here and now
But there are some things worth preserving
I like to think so anyhow
Now when my time on earth is over
And they lay my body down
Well on that day there'll be a building
That's gonna burn down to the ground
But till then I can bridge the distance
It's not as far as it may seem
Cause I can always pay a visit
To my memory museum

© Mark Stepakoff


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